Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Talking Points #5 (Hyperlinks)

i really liked this article and also the video it was very funny.
both article and video were i think mainly talking about how media controls the things we learn and do while trying to learn. we are focused on other things while at the same time trying to learn, which in turn we really aren't learning because we are so focused on the other things we are doing: facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, etc...

this a cool video that talks about information, how we will eventually use it and how the revolution of information works to our advantage, it also gives you some interesting facts:

like in the article Wesch talks about how information is at our fingertips and how anyone from anywhere in the world can become an expert on something they never knew about about just by going on the web.
for example:
blogging anyone can blog, there is no "set" structure to blogging and if there is you can also learn about it, but mostly blogging becomes people's outlet, a way to get their voices heard, even if its not.
so while reading this article i thought: uh? "diigo" what is it? well google answered me: diigo is a place where you can bookmark, highlight and use sticky notes, look up or do research, have your own personal learning space, use it for pictures, screenshots, audio, etc... and to top it all off you can use it on any tablet, computer, laptop and even any cell phone (well android or iphone).
the new trend now (or maybe not so new, not sure) is #tag, everyone is doing it, on facebook, twitter, instagram, you name it. its the new thing.

once again i keep reading the article and Wesch mentions netvibes portal again did not know what it was until i looked online and found the website and its basically your entire life in this one dashboard, that once again you can access from anywhere there is internet (maybe this will change too) on any device. this stuff can hold hundreds and thousands of informationand it can also be used in any language.

the story that Wesch said at the end of his TED video was the story of the little bird.
then i thought to myself:
"i want to be the little bird that saved the world".

smile :)


  1. Hi Kenia. I liked that last notion. I want to be that bird also. lol. But I do agree with you that technology is definitely at our finger tips. We seriously have easy access to them which i find to be crazy. I wanted to add also that I do find that teachers are starting to get adapted to the advanced technology era. My 307 stress management professor uses the updated projector to do her lectures. She uses Google to get some of her resources to facilitate her lectures. I think that's cool because the class becomes more interesting. I think the reason we fall asleep or get bored when a teacher just lectures on is because we live in a period where we expect everything to be fast-paced. We want things fast and quick.