Sunday, April 14, 2013

Talking Points #10

I have never seen an episode of Glee.
I thought it was pretty interesting how in the Pilot episode they talked about how teenagers feel or are invisible because of media outlets like myspace, but then if they try to fit in somehow within their school by trying to get involved then its seemed as a waste of time.

I actually loved how the characters were sorta portraying a stereotype but deep down inside they were the opposite.
For example the jock Finn who is the start quarterback for the football team, is not as confident as everyone sees him. He is pretending someone he is not, and basically just doing football to fit in.
But later on in another episode I loved how he let that go and stood up for Artie in front of all his football teammates. And how afterwards he took control of the Glee club and gave them some sense of direction after their teacher had quit on them.

I also think its a sad and hopeless example to young kids and teenagers the idea that in order for you to become an adult you would have to let go of your dreams, or that when you are having a baby you no longer living for you but for your family, instead of trying to make it work where everyone is happy.

In the Never Been Kissed episode, I didn't think it was funny how they assumed that because they were talking about an all boy school, the idea was that they were all gay, and if this was true, I still don't get the joke.
I also did not appreciate the teacher making Kurt join the boys team when he obviously does not feel like he belongs there, why is he forcing him to do that?
Because Kurt is the only gay kid out in the school, he feels alone and that he just has to deal with it on his own, but when he finds out that someone in the football team is also gay, even though he is terrified of him, he is also relieved in some ways I think, because he wants to help him come out, and let him know that it is ok. The last thing about this episode that I was wondering was if Williams kissed Beast because he felt pity for her?

In the last episode Furt, the idea that when you are being bullied in your teenage years makes you a stronger person, I thought is not a good, to throw that out in the media, because teenage kids that being bullied watching might think its ok and they just need to get through it, which might not necessarily be safe. Bullying can be shown in all sorts of ways, not only verbal or physical.
Also the message that if you were bullied as a teenager you then become an adult bully is crap and just a load of excuse for taking your anger about being bullied on others, who had nothing to do with it.
It made me sad that school won't enforce or try to help those kids that come forth and ask for help about being bullied, and this might be the reason why most of them do not ask for help, which then again can be dangerous.

Overall, I think I am glad I have never watched this show because of the problems I have with it.


  1. I agree with you about the bullying. The way it was shown and handled in glee was not right and not how it should be in 'real life'. If people do watch this and think that bullying is just acceptable pretty much then that is dangerous.

    1. and for those watching that are being bullied is even worse.

  2. I agree, they should have a trigger warning on this and most things that are watched :(