Sunday, April 21, 2013

Talking Posts #11

I found some cool videos of teens speaking back to what being shown in the media about them. This post will be mostly of videos.
The first video I want to show you guys is this one:
where girls talk about how they feel pressured to look or act a certain way.

There is also this video:
This video is a project done by teens to show how they are portrayed in the media. How the most of the times are confused as to what media is actually trying to sell or say, because it just shows nudity.

This is a documentary of teens asking if its FAIR for certain representation and acts be placed on them, just because one teen did it.

This video is asking teens how they feel about the representations of them in regards to alcohol consumption.

 This video is not necessarily teens talking back about media representations but showing how these representations of teens in the media have have an effect on us. This is the trailer to Killing Us Softly and it talks about female exploitation in the media and how teens should look like, which can be very dangerous for body image and the problems related to it.

And the last video I want to put up is a positive message, its really short but to the point and very effective, well I think so .....


  1. I love the videos that you found! I can remember when I was younger and how affected I was by the media and the way they portray black woman and want to dress and look like them. It was a big struggle that I never really told my friends but it was something the I dealt with secretly. I'm happy that some of these teens are fighting back, I feel like there is hope!!! GREAT JOB KENIA!!!

    1. Thank you Rachelle!
      Yea I think every teen goes through this at one point or another.

  2. I agree with Rachelle. The teens should question what media says about how we should look.

  3. love the videos great job researching